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  • RNS Max 5 MSD Special English Willow Cricket Bat Size Men is perfect for explosive players looking for that extra power.
  • Premium grade willow.
  • One of the latest model RNS Max MSD Special cricket bat 2023 in max series.
  • In total max series consist of 5 grades, Max 5 is one level above Max 3.
  • MS Dhoni bat boasts generous edges.
  • Mid to high spine.
  • Latest sticker design.
  • Massive profile and massive middle.
  • MS Dhoni bat has mid sweet spot who prefer hitting boundaries rather than singles.
  • Round bottom.
  • Filled back profile.

RNS Max 5-English Willow Cricket Bat

₹13,900.00 Regular Price
₹12,500.00Sale Price