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Kahuna Players is finest wicket keeping gloves for test quality standard, and this keeping gloves is used by England team wicket keeper Jos butler and Australian team wicket keeper Alex Carey

These are high-quality wicket keeping gloves designed with advanced Kookaburra Catching Cup features.

The front side is crafted from Aniline Calf Leather with Cotton Palm Padding, ensuring excellent ball-facing performance.

On the back side, Premium Aniline Sheep Leather is used to create lightweight yet durable gloves that offer exceptional longevity.

Durable Wear Patches have been strategically placed on the finger backs to extend their lifespan.

The Finger Web is compliant with law 40.2 and reinforced for added strength.

These gloves are 100% authentic Kookaburra keeping gloves and come in a standard size.


₹6,669.00 Regular Price
₹5,650.00Sale Price

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